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Sotogrande was masterminded in 1962 by the philanthropist Joseph Rafael McMicking. He wanted to create a community in this sun-kissed corner of the Mediterranean where people from all over the world could thrive, where they could pursue an active, healthy lifestyle embracing the unique opportunities of Sotogrande’s special coastal location at the foot of the Sierra mountains.

Cut to 2016, and there is a way of life to suit everyone. It feels neither snobbish or elite, but optimistic — where anything is possible given another day of ease, where families are drawn together to celebrate the privilege of life rather than work too hard to notice the opportunities passing them by.

In the early days, it had a jet-set reputation, with many of the homeowners household names. Today Sotogrande is making itself relevant to a new generation who are partaking of the world-class golf and polo courses, as well as numerous other sporting pursuits. Sotogrande’s contemporary relevance is evident in the architectural range, which encompasses traditional Andalucian to current day design where the inside meets the outside seamlessly.


How a corner of Andalucía became a home from home for the world’s elite — where the living is as glamorous as the days are easy


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